Sunday, December 11, 2011

Install of Oracle Plasma P13W DRLs

I installed my Oracle P13W Plasma LED Bulbs this weekend. Since I wanted to make the DRLs come on at the same time as the headlights I needed to make my own adapter wires. (I didn't know to order the DRL adapter on the website)
Here are the tools I used. 
Screw Driver
Torx Driver T20
Electrical Tape
 new replacement bulbs
Wire and T-Tap connectors - I crimped the green connectors on the ends of the wire to make a clean connection to the T-Taps.

Started by pulling back the Wheel well cover by unscrewing the oem screws with the Torx driver. I needed to turn the wheel to make room to pull back the cover. There is not allot of room to fit both arms in and you really need a work lamp to see inside.

I disconnected the original bulbs and attached the first T-Tap to the BLUE wire.Next I went after the Side marker lamps to tap into the power so the DRLs could come on with the headlights. IMPORTANT. the Driver side and Passenger side wires or different colors. The ones to tap into are Driver = Purple wire, Passenger side = Brown. To make life easier I popped out the side marker lights by depressing the clip with the screwdriver.

Next clamped on the next T-Tap with the pliers and used the new wire to connect the power source. Then installed the new bulbs. The Male/female connections are not perfect for the new bulbs. they fit snug but do not snap in. so I added electrical tape to just make sure they don't wiggle loose over time.

Results: Before and After. BIG DIFFERENCE - looks so awesome!